The 2022 Miss Rubicon Pageant aka The Royale Rumble

June 5, 2022 @ 1:00PM — 3:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) Add to Calendar

The Warehouse at Top of the Market: 32 Webster St Dayton, OH 45402 Get Directions

The 2022 Miss Rubicon Pageant  aka The Royale Rumble image

Online ticket sales have ended- you CAN get tickets at the door today!

You're going to want to be there to see the the MISS RUBICON 2022 pageant up close and personal! This is the Sunday of Dayton PRIDE weekend!

Who will replace FONDA PETERS! We have had 9 great QUEENS...and we are about to crown a new one!!

Each of the contestants will be working to raise $ to show their support of The Rubi Scholarships. Each $5 vote will help them rake in points to add to their performance scores.

Tara Misu is incredibly excited to compete in the 2022 Miss Rubicon Pageant. Tara has been a RubiGirl since 2006; at her first show, she had to change costumes behind a dumpster, making her feel right at home and welcome! Tara is a simple girl who loves bikini tops and short skirts, gets in great workouts while lifting cocktails to her mouth, and tossing anything and everything into the air for the audience's applause. But, on a more serious note, the deep friendships she has created while performing as a RubiGirl is what brings her the most joy. At the end of the day, it truly is about helping people, sharing a laugh (sometimes a tear), and finding acceptance in one's own skin. "A different way, to make a difference."

is a bubbly energetic drag queen from Dayton Ohio! She loves showing off her sweet innocent ways through entertains and dancing. But don’t let her sweet act fool you because Magestik isn’t as inonocent as she seems. Oh no, in fact she’s very trashy and filthy at times! She gets down and dirty with the best of them. She was once named the raunchiest drag queen in Dayton and held the title of Mrs Gutterslut. Magestik is a jack of all trades and you never know what you’re gonna get!

Radeema Coupon is the fun drunk girl at the party. Although she has expensive taste, it always translates into equal parts tacky and trashy, creating looks on a dime. She never takes herself too seriously and only has one goal, to entertain and make people laugh. She values inclusivity and spreading love. Whether it’s entertaining a crowd to a “Frozen” spoof, walking the runway in a dress made of recycled Taco Bell wrappers, or injuring her ankle to the smash 80’s hit “Jump” by leaping off a stage, she’s guaranteed to make you laugh with her quirky and sometimes literal sense of humor.

Illessa Plymouth - Before reading this bio, Ms. Plymouth requests that you cue the song "Arms of an Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. Ready? Here we go...Ileasa Plymouth needs your help. Always in the shadows - affectionately known as "Bulldozer #2" - she wants nothing more than to be your "Popularity Princess." For just $5, you can validate Ileasa and make her feel the love that every drag queen deserves at least once in her life. Please make this small town girl feel the love of the big city. Make her wish come true...just this once. And for $25, you can help ensure that her ego is in good standing for the rest of the week. Please vote now...and vote often.

Taj Mahal
- Class,sophistication,refinement…these are words never used to describe Taj Mahal. Taj brings beauty and a comedic timing that make her force to be reckoned with. Whether giving a rectal exam or finding new uses for popcorn, the self proclaimed 8th Wonder of the World is sure to entertain.

Jackie O wandered around Dayton as the drag equivalent to a baby giraffe for almost 11 years, until on magical night the founder of The Rubi Girls, Dana Sintell was in the audience. With a laugh that sang across the room and a little rasp in her voice she said, "wannabe queen, you are a mess and I love it" openin gher arms and inviting Jackit to TSMGO! Jackie saw an opportunity, if she stayed quiet and kept showing up maybe she could trick them into thinking she had been there all along. Five years later- it worked!
Now an official member of the world famous troop, she is ready to put her best food forward at this years Miss Rubicon, but not to far. Jackie is still afraid of what will happen if Terra loses again...God save us all!

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$680 raised by 24 people


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